Do tax cuts for rich people create growth? (with Bruce Bartlett)

Since forever, Republicans have insisted that cutting taxes on wealthy corporations and individuals would grow the economy, create jobs, and lift wages. But it never does. As an early architect of what became “Reaganomics,” Bruce Bartlett was there at the birth of this GOP tax myth. He joins the podcast to help set the record straight.nBruce Bartlett: American historian who helped draft the Kemp-Roth tax bill that formed the basis of President Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts. Served as domestic policy adviser for Reagan, in the Treasury for George H.W. Bush, and in senior roles for other American politicians. Former Executive Director of the Joint Economic Committee of Congress. nTwitter: @BruceBartlettnFurther reading:nWant to Expand the Economy? Tax the Rich! nI helped create the GOP tax myth. Trump is wrong: Tax cuts don’t equal growth.